Studies show that people who follow a mediterranean diet, full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, and fish may be less likely to develop depression.

Depression rates are lower in southern Europe, than northern European countries, and it is believed the Mediterranean diet is an important factor.

A study of over 10,000 people, using the guidelines below, found those who most closely followed the Mediterranean diet were more than 30% less likely to develop depression.

*High ratio of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, like olive oil. Moderate use of alcohol and dairy products. Low intake of meat. And high intake of legumes, fruits, nuts, cereals, vegetables, and fish.

Researchers believe individual components of the diet may improve blood vessel function, fight inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease, and repair oxygen-related cell damage, all of which may affect the risk of developing depression.

For the rest of the article, please see the link below.



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