✨Face masks- Natural

It is important to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, specifically your face. There are many products you can purchase, but they get expensive. Listed below are some DIY natural masks you can use from your kitchen, to fight blemishes.

1. Honey and salt- Exfoliating scrub for sensitive skin. Use 2x weekly, with a quarter size honey and a teaspoon of salt. Massage gently on face, for about 60 seconds, in small circular motions, to remove all the dead skin cells. Rinse. And apply your toner. I recommend natural/organic witch hazel.

2. For oily skin- Fresh ripe strawberries, lemon juice, honey, and egg whites:

Strawberry and lemon juice have astringent properties to block oily skin pores from breakouts.

Honey moisturizes

Egg whites cleanse

Mix 3 teaspoons honey, 6 fresh ripe strawberries, 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice, and 2 Egg whites into paste, and apply for 20 minutes after cleanser. Rinse.

3. Yogurt mask- Use plain greek yogurt, with lemon juice and carrot juice- Use this mask for whitening of “age spots” and deep hydration. (Please note: citric acids are not suitable for all skin types)

4. Lemon with sugar- biweekly scrub, to remove dead skin cells and aid whitening of skin.




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