Cheese- Feta

While highly processed cheese full of sodium and saturated fats may be considered unhealthy and recommended to leave out of your diet, many cheeses actually provide health benefits. 

1. Keep a healthy gut Eating cheese in moderation, along with physical activity and a balance of fruits and vegetables, research shows cheese helps to keep your gut healthy. 

2. Lower Cholesterol Those who ate cheese showed higher levels of butyrate, a gut bacteria often associated with reduction in cholesterol. 

3. Provides probiotics Like found naturally in Greek yogurt, probiotics help balance the body internally. Has a number of benefits, not only for the stomach and digestion, but for acne and other appearance related concerns. 

Sheep and goats milk cheese, like Feta, are lighter on the body than cows milk. 

Cheese can balance your gut flora, which research shows, essential to maintaining good digestive health, weight, immune system, and possibly even mental health. Some also contain anti-inflammatory properties.